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  • This post enabled me to further my experience and knowledge into the management of cases including reduction, internal and external fixation of fractures, exploration of wounds with repair of tendons and nerves as necessary, joint and extensive soft tissue infections.
  • This department is one of the largest in the country and sees approximately 95, new patients each year.
  • I was introduced to the concepts of management of major and minor trauma and other emergency situations, and learnt to put these into practice, initially under the guidance of the senior medical staff and later, especially when alone as a doctor on night duty, by myself.
  • I became more involved in SHO teaching than in previous hospitals.
  • As a middle-grade doctor my role was altered in that I was involved in reviewing may patients seen by the SHOs, of which there 20, leading the overall care of major trauma cases, cardiac arrests and other critical patients in the resuscitation room in addition to seeing many patients myself both in majors and minors.
  • Teaching was available for myself, both on the shop-floor and in the form of monthly consultant-led afternoons.

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Qué debe contener el currículum de un médico sin experiencia

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