The Accion Group is YOUR KEY CONNECTION to building, funding, growing and sustaining your vision. Our objective is to create win-win scenarios between our clients, funding partners, investors, community partnerships and constituents. We provide comprehensive services to our Clients and work closely with your team to ensure you get the results that you are looking for.

At The Accion Group, we are able to offer the close attention and superior personal service that our clients appreciate and deserve, expertise, experience, strong media community connections and community and corporate partnerships. Our services are not just limited to Continental United States, we have strategically positioned ourselves to provide services to clients around the world.

Unparalleled Service

The Accion Group will stop at nothing to generate innovative solutions, tools, resources and outstanding results for our clients and we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service while building and maintaining long-term relationships. Our team is passionate, intelligent, energetic, focused, skilled, experienced and business savvy and it shows in the way we do business and maintain top-notched results.

2015 Consultation Rates:

    $150.001/2 Hour
    • 30 Powerful Minutes
    • Expert Advice
    • Professional Consulting
    • 1 on 1 Power Session
    • Personalized Consulting
    • Best Value

On-Site Visits: Please contact us here.

Please Note: The Accion Group is a work-for-hire consulting firm. All of our products and services are provided on a for-fee basis. For that reason we do accept bartering opportunities or provide pro bono services. While we do reserve the right to have special offers and giveaways during the year, it does not take the place of contracted services as professionals, for ethical reasons, we do not work on deferred payments, compensation based upon either contingencies or commissions or on a percentage basis of grant funds received. We adhere to the parameters set by the grant-funding agency and we do enforce a code of ethics as a set of norms to govern professional conduct.

We do make it a practice to tailor our contract proposals to each of our client’s individual needs. We do offer monthly retainer contracts for clients with long-term projects and management needs, packaged service bundles for clients with multiple services and special rates to our previous and long-term clients.


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