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January 2015 – Featured Client of the Month: Pastor D’Andre Armstead


All of our clients are special to us however, each month we are honoring a client who is taking big steps to accomplish their dreams, goals and visions.

Pastor D'Andre ArmsteadWe would like to Congratulate, Pastor D’Andre Armstead of Perfecting Triumphant Church. D’Andre Armstead is an anointed pastor, author, leader, mentor and father of 3 beautiful young adult children. Not only is Pastor D’Andre Armstead and PTC touching the four corners of the City of Detroit’s neighborhoods he is making an impact around the globe and has fully embraced Habakkuk 2:2 which says, “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.”

Pastor Armstead MissionPerfecting Triumphant Church continues to be one of the most progressive leading churches in the City of Detroit. Pastor Armstead considers himself to be blessed to be positioned as the Ecclesiastical Elder of Perfecting Fellowship International where the Presiding Bishop is Marvin L. Winans. Over the last 14 years Pastor D’Andre has made a personal commitment to changing lives one person at a time. You can see that through in his daily giving whether it is preaching the Gospel, sending out encouraging recorded prayers, providing clothing, food, furniture and shelter to those who are without or taking the time to talk to someone whose given up hope.

He humbly acknowledges the favor of God has placed on his life and the anointed giftings of preaching and consistency. He knows he is blessed to be positioned not only to have a successful church of 14 years in the Detroit Michigan but to also pastor God’s very best…the PTC Congregation. Pastor Armstead has the true heart of a father and also has a heart for young men and has decided to make his pain his passion. Pastor Armstead has turned his personal tragedy into passion mentoring young men and training to avoid the pitfalls many young men find themselves falling prey to.

One of Pastor’s prayer request to God is, “God don’t make our church a mayday and hayday, make us significant! “We want to have a significant presence in our community, a significant presence in the Kingdom and we want to be a significant church.” Though they have weathered many storms, they remain postured to impact their communities until the coming of the Lord.

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