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The Accion Group helps foundations, nonprofits, individuals, businesses, celebrities, athletes, executives, and corporations develop their nonprofit organizations, gain the knowledge they need, create programs, establish partnerships that last and GET the funding they need! We are your HOW-TO partners, your missing puzzle, your key and the BRIDGE between YOUR DREAMS & REALITY! TAG create win-win outcomes which has earned us the title America’s Nonprofit Industry Power Broker.

Tina Wheeler and The Accion Group team seek to make a difference in our world by partnering together with INDIVIDUALS LIKE YOU, who has a dream to make this world better. We work alongside you and help you to create, implement and sustain your vision. We believe that each program, service, event and development project that we put into place transform lives, impact communities, inspire change and serve as a footprint for future generations to follow. TAG has staff in various locations throughout the United States and works with clients around the country and throughout the world.

Strategic Planning Sessions: We help you develop an innovative approach.

Training & Resource Development: We help you hone your fundraising and grant writing skills to do your work.

Capacity Building, Partnership & Leadership Development: We help you gain the resources, skills, tools and knowledge to make it all connect.

Fundraising: We assist our clients in obtain corporate, foundation, state and federal funding as well as Major and planned giving program development, endowments, sponsorships and fundraising campaigns.

Research & Evaluation: We help you demonstrate the effectiveness of your work.

Sustainability: We help you put you in a position where your programs, projects and services become a permanent part of community resources long after the funding period is over.

Our success is the result of BIG dreams, BIG ideas, BIG visions, the power of relationships, integrity of service and the tenacity and courage to stop at nothing short of changing our world—one person, one group, one community and one dream at a time. Call us today and let’s work together to transform your vision into reality.

We are here for YOU!

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