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Blog #2 My Personal Business Affirmations

My Business Affirmations

© by Tina J. Wheeler


Your personal belief system can move you towards or take you away from achieving the goals that you’ve set for yourself. I find that affirmations and visualizations are critically important in our daily lives and activities. They assist us with identifying what’s important and what we truly want to achieve. Below are some of my personal business affirmations that I speak aloud daily before I begin my day-to-day activities.


Today, I believe in myself.

Today, I believe in my vision and dreams.

Today, I will believe that my vision is possible.

Today, I am will stand boldly and confidently in what I see for myself.

Today, I believe in my ability to accomplish the tasks that are set before me that will help me to realize my dream.

Today, I will block out every negative voice and will not focus on the mistakes on my past.

Today, I will remain focused, steadfast and will block out every distraction that takes me away from my goals.

Today, I am committed to taking responsibility for my well-being, my life and myself.

Today, I will look for new opportunities, walk in new open doors and accept the good that is coming to me.

Today, I believe that my business will produce new job opportunities for others, bring economic growth in our economy, enable me to teach others and provide me with more income to be able to be a blessing to many people.

Today, I believe in the GREATER ONE who lives inside of me, who created me, who has given me a purpose and everything I need to carry out that purpose.

Today, I believe that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, I am not here by mistake, there is no failure in me, there is greatness in me, I am a winner and I will be what I was designed to BE!


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