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Board of Directors: Are they really onboard?

By: Tina Wheeler

When selecting a board member many leaders make the mistake of putting friends, family and people who they are familiar because it’s the easy thing to do or because you believe that they will have “your back” and support the vision and mission of your organization. While this can be true unfortunately, when it comes time for the real buy-in and support whether it’s volunteering, donating money or resources and lending their knowledge base we’ve worked with clients who have became disappointed, frustrated, stuck and wasn’t fully capable of carrying out their visions until they voted the right people in place.

When inviting members to sit on your board you should ask yourself the following questions: 

 Do they understand and buy into the mission and vision of the organization?

  1. Do they agree to financially commit to your organization annually?
  2. Do they have the time to commit to the organization’s meetings, events and programs?
  3. Do they have the background experience, skill set and/or resources needed to be an asset to the organization? If not, are they willing to be trained?
  4. Do they agree to be held accountable for carrying out the roles and responsibilities of the position they are assigned to?

If the answer is NO to the majority of these 5 basic questions and a person cannot bring value to your organization, it is my recommendation not to place them on your board. Do not move out of desperation move forward with wisdom and clear understanding. Once your organization gets up and running there may be a place for them. Don’t forget to have the proper board documentation in place. When you set your foundation up right everything will properly grow from there and you will see your organization go to the next level. Remember we are all in this together and we have more work to do to Impact Our World!

The Right Knowledge is Power!

If you need assistance writing out board member job descriptions, profiles or board member handbook, we’d love to help. Let’s talk! Schedule an appointment today!

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